Firstly can we ask if you do any of the following;

  • Do you feed birds?
  • Do you use peanuts when feeding birds?
  • Have you applied feed to your lawn?

If the response is positive to any of these questions can we suggest you to stop also you need to clean up any food already on the ground..

How can you stop badgers digging?

It is very hard to prevent badgers digging once they have located a good food source, however you can suggest that as a first course of action they apply lawn sand to the grass.  If this fails there is a new treatment, but we have not heard how well it works as yet, so no guarantees and this is to get the following from a garden centre and carefully follow the instructions on the packet.

In October2006 an expert from the RHS announced on Radio Essex that there was a new chemical for treating lawns to get rid of chafer grubs which badgers love and is probably the reason they root around in lawns.   This is apart from Biological Control which is rather expensive.   It’s very new and should be available in Garden Centres now, or if not, soon.   It’s made by Provado and called Lawn Pest Killer.   It’s something else that we can suggest to people who have a problem with badgers in their gardens. “

Applying fencing to gardens is difficult as badgers are able to climb very well, they can also dig even more easily, however as a last resort the use of an electric cattle fence (low voltage from battery) can be used, but this could be costly to install.

Badgers are a protected species and there are severe penalties if the law is broken.  Protection of Badgers Act 1992, Wildlife & Countryside Act and others apply.